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My name is Tara Garner. I come from a 5th generation Ironworker family. I have two older brothers Jesse & Travis Garner who are active in the trade along with a cousin Bryan Dierksen Sr., and his son Bryan Jr. My father James Garner climbed the political ranks within his Local. From 1988 till 2006 he held many titles ranging from when he first started on Executive Board, to finally ending as Business Manager. I started photographing Ironworkers about 3 years ago. As I was working in Hollywood, CA I noticed a lot of tower cranes being erected. One after another, the construction industry was booming! I loved to just sit and watch as the Ironworkers erected these massive cranes. I was fascinated with their bravery and how hard the work is, and completely terrified for them as well. Being apart of a 5th generation family I have a tremendous amount of respect for the trade, and in my 35 years I've been around I had never actually been on a job site. My father made sure of that. After his sudden passing in 2011 I felt more drawn to the Ironworkers trade now then ever. Being around these hard working crazy individuals reminded me so much of my father.  As I started to post my pictures on social media the response was overwhelming. So much positive feedback and huge encouragement to keep taking my pictures I created a Facebook page dedicated to my Photography of Union Ironworkers. I am currently at over 11,000 followers and growing everyday. I encourage solidarity within our union trades.


Tara Garner Photography

to photograph the blood sweat and tears in

union construction